Two Peas

It’s official.  Our kids look alike.  When Salem was fresh and red and wrinkled, it was hard to tell.  But now….

And there’s so many more.  We knew in the womb the baby looked just like Tyler.  One ultrasound photo in particular gave us the chills.

Ultrasound photos are always kind of creepy (don’t worry, I’ll spare you the 4D freakiness) but when this smashed face appeared we both couldn’t believe how much the baby looked like Tyler (big lips from Grandpa and big nostrils from Daddy).

We keep wondering…will her eyes stay blue (like Tyler’s were) or change to gray-green?  Will her hair grow in blond?  So far, she eats and sleeps just like him (lots of snacking and catnaps) and is long and skinny like he was.  It will be fun to find out, but I don’t want to rush it!




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