Tyler at Two (and a half)

This kid never stops amazing us.  He is kind, gentle, friendly, animated, silly, and loving. He chats with us about his friends at school (still don’t know if the kid is named Wylie or Riley), his baby “shishter Shalem”, and Jesus.  He wants to watch “Gwinch” and build Thomas tracks and read Llama Llama.  He remains obsessed with baseball.

And yet, he still really doesn’t want to pose for the gosh dang camera.  Tyler, pull it together for Mommy, will you please?  Here are a few shots of Tyler “in” the basket at age  2 1/2 as well as a look back at some other memorable basket photos.

He said he would sit in the duck bathtub, but not the basket.
My favorite toddler.
One foot in the basket because I let him hold the candy jar.
Age 2, tears.
18 months, tears. Is there a theme here?
My harmonica-playing toddler.
12 months (apparently the end of the Era of Happy Basket Photos)
I couldn’t resist.

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