Welcome To The Family of God, Salem!

Salem was baptized on Sunday, December 11 at Mt. Hope Lutheran Church in Boulder. It’s the church where Eric grew up before he moved to Oklahoma, and Eric’s parents still know some members of the congregation.  So, just as Tyler was baptized there, we had Salem baptized at Mt. Hope as well.

We are honored to have Katie and Mike Flood as the godparents of Tyler, and they happily agreed to be Salem’s godparents, too.  It is so fun to watch our children grow up together!

Since Eric wore a blazer, I dressed Tyler up in an adorable BabyGap velvet blazer I got off of Facebook.

My handsome men.

Salem wore the baptismal gown from Eric’s side of the family that is almost 100 years old.

The gown is from Grandma Holle’s side of the family and all of her grandchildren have worn it as well as dozens more.

Proud Grandpa and Grandma Holle.

Pastor Adam made Salem cry, but just a little bit and less than Tyler did when it was his turn two and a half years ago.

A Lutheran baptism is part of an otherwise regular service, so at one point Pastor Adam called up children to the altar for a blessing.  To our surprise (well, not really) Tyler willingly walked up there on his own.  And let Pastor Adam hold him while he spoke!

Tyler sat between Mike and Katie at the service and was an angel the entire time.  He is such a funny kid that way.

Our family of 4.

It was so wonderful to have the Holles here from Arizona for Salem’s baptism.  We all went out to breakfast afterwards to celebrate!

The bump in Katie’s belly is Salem’s new BFF, Anna.

Anna Hope was born on January 12.  That makes our “little sisters” barely seven weeks apart. We visited Anna again when she was one week old and snapped these cute photos.

Whispering secrets already.
Kickin’ it.
Yay! We’re friends!
Come play with me again soon, Salem!


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