Salem: Four Months

At four months, Salem was busy being cute.  All of her pictures capture her smile, her eyes, her laugh, her outfits.

That’s because we didn’t take pictures of her crying.  And not sleeping.  And crying.  At this age Salem was at the height of “not sleeping through the night.”  She woke every 45 minutes.  We would cry it out, she’d sleep longer stretches, and then go back to waking every 45 minutes again a few days later.

She didn’t have digestive problems.  She was a great eater.  She drove us crazy.

As the weeks passed and she slept better, we think she just had a severe case of FOMO.  Fear of missing out.  Truly, she cried in her car seat (facing backwards, she couldn’t see us).  She cried in her crib (again, wondering what we were up to out there).  And she woke up often, to check on the world.

She got older, we kept crying it out, and eventually we settled on waking twice a night to snack.  That was the same deal Tyler and I had, so it felt like I hit the jackpot, and we’ve been smooth sailing since then.  Sometimes it’s hard to remember how cranky she could be because she’s so easy now…but gosh, she was.  Sorry, Salem, if you were trying to tell us something, we totally missed it.

Here are the basket photos of Salem at four months old (March 25).

Here are a bunch of photos from March 2017.

Looking back it is amazing how much of her personality was already there at four months old!

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