One Year Ago

March 7th, 2016 was an emotional day for us.  It was a Monday.  Tyler was exactly 19 months old.  And it was the fourth (and final) attempt for us to conceive through IUI.  We arrived at Conceptions with dread outweighing the excitement.  We’d been down this road three times already in the past four months, each time the anticipation waning and the fear growing.  What if it didn’t work?  Thankfully, we never had to answer that question.  Two weeks later we learned we were pregnant.

With Tyler, Eric diligently took a photo of me every day and made an amazing video to document that special time in our lives.  You can see that here.  It still makes me cry.

With Salem….second child.  I’m sorry, sweetie.  We just weren’t that committed to the daily, or even weekly, photo.  But here are a few shots of me in some really cute maternity dresses growing a really cute baby.

24 weeks. First day of school!
28 weeks.
30 weeks. Hiking near Maroon Bells outside of Aspen.
31 weeks. That’s my classroom.
34 weeks. Post-season baseball nearly sent me into labor. GO TRIBE!
35 weeks. The leaves have fallen but I’m still wearing flip-flops.
38.5 weeks. The first snow of the year, so we had to go outside at school and see it.

Salem arrived eight days after the snowy photo, three days before her due date.  She’s now just over three months old.  When people say so much can change in a year, it’s amazingly true.  One year ago we didn’t know if we’d ever have another baby, and now we have Salem, who’s not even a newborn anymore.

Loving life!

And Tyler…he’s now been around for THREE March 7ths.

7 months old, at a brewery.
19 months old, at a brewery.  We made Salem the very next day.

OK OK both of those are from March 6th, which was a weekend both years. Besides, once he hit 100 breweries by age 2, he kind of got over it.

31 months old, heading to church.

He has an adorable dinosaur button-down on but insisted on wearing his “baseball jacket” which he will make you snap up to the neck.

I know most people don’t recognize the day their babies were made, but for us, those days were really significant.  Tyler was made on Eric’s 33rd birthday! So March 7th, here’s to you, an otherwise uneventful day.  Thank you!



He’s Definitely Not a Baby Anymore (Sigh)

Tyler last got a haircut in December, right after Salem was born.  His hair grows fast and furious, and while I don’t want him to be mistaken for a girl, I’m quite attached to his luscious locks.  I’m afraid if we cut them off, they won’t grow back.  He won’t be blonde anymore.  And worst of all, he’ll look so.much.older.

But when your toddler asks for a haircut, you know it’s time.



On the way home:


Even more handsome, but so grown up.  Tear.