The Evolution of Walking

Tyler crawled at 10 1/2 months, which depending on who you ask, is on the later side.  So it was no surprise that he wasn’t yet on two feet on his 1st birthday.  I didn’t realize what a long process it was until I looked back at videos of him learning to walk and noticed they spanned over three months.

Congratulations, Tyler!  I particularly love the “WOW” in the 3rd video.  He’s even more exhausted now at the end of the day than he was when he was a crawler.  And he’s obsessed with shoes.  He loves wearing them and pointing at them and saying “sh”…it’s adorable.  Playing at the park is so much more fun for him now, too.  He has no fear–running up slides and sliding down, crossing bridges, and scooting through tunnels.

Parting shot:


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