Ours is Not The Napping House

If you have friends in Colorado, and you participate in social media, then you already know it was 75 and blue skies today, February 7th.  Thank goodness for that because Tyler and I spent the majority of our day frolicking in the sunshine, trying to tire ourselves out.

It is now almost 4:00.  Tyler awoke at 6:45 this morning.  He has not slept, not even for a minute, all day.  Five mile run?  Fully awake.  Two more walks?  A tad drowsy but not even close to sleep.  Reading books?  Nope.  Nursing?  Nada.  Cry it out?  Twice, twenty minutes each, with no sleep.  Why doesn’t this kid nap?

Some theories:

  1. FOMO.  (fear of missing out)
  2. He’s sick.  (unlikely, perfectly happy)
  3. He’s teething.  (maybe?)
  4. He loves me so much he can’t stand to sleep and miss me for one second.
  5. He hates me.
  6. Now that he’s six months old, he’s given up his twice-daily 20 minute naps.
I'm pretending to doze off, but I'm just kidding.
I’m pretending to doze off, but I’m just kidding.

He’s currently right beside me, playing with a toy, and laughing.

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