Tyler: Two Months

Tyler is amazing.  Every day, he grows and changes.  We see smiles and the beginning of a laugh.  He had his two-month check-up and received his shots like a champ.  At 12 lbs, 2 oz, and 25 inches, Tyler is in the 75th %ile for weight and 97th %ile for length.  When height and weight are compared, he’s not even on the charts.  Such a tall, skinny guy right now! As I’m 5’7″ and Eric is about 5’8″, our pediatrician looked us up and down quizzically as he reviewed the charts on his iPad.  Eric remarked that Tyler seems to have inherited his (long) skinny legs and my lengthy torso…thus having the longer half of each of us!

Here he is at two months.




Thanks Nana for the festive hat!

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