Tyler: Six Months

Well, now he’s closer to seven months old, but these photos are darn cute.  Also particularly nostalgic for me because of the outfit he is wearing.  It is the lone outfit I purchased when I was pregnant with Tyler, and very early on, maybe in my first trimester. We knew we weren’t going to find out if the baby was a boy or a girl, so that made it easier to refrain from purchasing baby items.  But I also didn’t want to get things ready for a baby because I was afraid that something might happen.  Not cause-and-effect, as I knew that buying things for our baby wouldn’t actually make something (bad) happen.  I wasn’t comfortable making preparations because it wasn’t easy for us to conceive and I just couldn’t get into nesting…just in case.  Eric always remained positive to counteract my (very out-of-character) negativity, but it was still there.

There were many times during pregnancy I would comment that I couldn’t believe I was pregnant, or that it just didn’t feel real.  Even when my belly grew, and grew, and grew….it just never felt real to me.  Until our baby was born, and it was a boy…it was Tyler.  THEN I was as happy and joyful and crying like crazy as a person could be.

So this little outfit, in gender-neutral aqua and navy, reminds me of how happy/scared I was when I was pregnant with Tyler.  An outfit that I bought probably over a year ago for this baby we wanted to love so badly.  The ONLY outfit I’ve ever purchased for him (thanks to hand-me-downs and gifts and of course Nana.)

I can’t believe it finally fits.

tyler 6 months 1

tyler 6 months 2

tyler 6 months 3

He fell over on his own.  But he didn’t cry, so we took a picture.  He’s even giving us a thumbs up if you look closely.

I Love You, Nana & Grandpa!

This photo is from November when Tyler was 3 1/2 months old. Mom and Dad were visiting us in Colorado. Eric just discovered a whole batch of pictures taken during their visit!


Rice Cereal: Good Days and Bad Days

We went to Tyler’s well-baby checkup on Monday, and the doctor asked if he was babbling yet.  Nope, we said, he screeches and squeals and is otherwise very vocal, but no real babbling.  Two days later, he’s chatting us up over rice cereal.

However, there are days when he’s not so enthused.  He’s still darn cute though.

IMG_3052.JPG IMG_3054.JPG IMG_3053.JPG IMG_3055.JPG

Ours is Not The Napping House

If you have friends in Colorado, and you participate in social media, then you already know it was 75 and blue skies today, February 7th.  Thank goodness for that because Tyler and I spent the majority of our day frolicking in the sunshine, trying to tire ourselves out.

It is now almost 4:00.  Tyler awoke at 6:45 this morning.  He has not slept, not even for a minute, all day.  Five mile run?  Fully awake.  Two more walks?  A tad drowsy but not even close to sleep.  Reading books?  Nope.  Nursing?  Nada.  Cry it out?  Twice, twenty minutes each, with no sleep.  Why doesn’t this kid nap?

Some theories:

  1. FOMO.  (fear of missing out)
  2. He’s sick.  (unlikely, perfectly happy)
  3. He’s teething.  (maybe?)
  4. He loves me so much he can’t stand to sleep and miss me for one second.
  5. He hates me.
  6. Now that he’s six months old, he’s given up his twice-daily 20 minute naps.
I'm pretending to doze off, but I'm just kidding.
I’m pretending to doze off, but I’m just kidding.

He’s currently right beside me, playing with a toy, and laughing.