Salem: Six Months

Babies start getting fun at six months old.  In addition to smiling, laughing, cooing, and wearing adorable clothes, they begin to move around, sit upright, eat something besides milk, and engage in the world around them.

Here are Salem’s basket photos at six months old.  She is wearing one of my all-time favorite outfits of Tyler’s that he also wore in his six month photos.  It is the only outfit I bought for a baby when I was pregnant with Tyler, and so is very special to me.

Here’s Tyler:

WOW.  They look alike.  I might actually just think this was Salem if photos didn’t automatically have dates on them these days.

Here are a bunch of photos of Salem being cute:

Salem gave me a hard time in the stroller, completely unlike her brother.

We finally gave Salem her first food, baby cereal, on May 10.  My dad was in town, too.  She was pretty hilarious during this event:

Salem had a busy month–she visited Nebraska for the first time, went to her first baseball game, and her first wedding.  She loves sitting in the Bumbo…I think it ties in with her FOMO…when she’s sitting upright in the Bumbo she can SEE everything, unlike the baby seat where she reclines back.  She says da da da da da da a lot, and of course Eric says “dada” is her first word, but we’ll see.

One more video:

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