Salem: Two Months

Our girl is getting bigger every day.  She weighs in at 9 lbs, 10 oz and is in the 75th%ile for length.  However, when her height and weight are compared, she’s a string bean like her brother and is barely on the charts.  She loves to eat and sleeps well at night in 3 to 4 hour stretches.  Sleeping during the day is another story, but again, she’s just like her brother. She might nap for 10 minutes and be ready to party again.  She cries a good deal more than Tyler did, but she’s probably just trying be heard in this chatty family!

Salem was officially two months old on Wednesday (which means Christmas was one month ago…!)  I tried to take photos of her in the basket that day.  Five times.  She would not cooperate.  I snapped a few this morning when she tends to be at her mellowest.

Since she was really snuggled down in there, here are a few shots of her stretched out, and you can see her face in the bouncy seat.  I adore this penguin sleeper, and strangely enough we have two of them from two different hand-me-down bags.

About the only skills Salem has acquired are smiling and batting those delicious eyes. Here is a short clip of her being darn cute.  We love you, Salem Elizabeth!


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