When Your Kid Really Likes to Pray

Eric and I have always prayed before meals, just a quick little prayer of thanks.  So when Tyler started joining us at the table (over a year ago now) we of course included him by holding his hands.  He likes to smack his hands together for a big AAAA-MEN at the end.

Lately he’s been watching us close our eyes while we pray and he *tries* to do that, too. These photos are from Sunday afternoon–we weren’t even eating dinner.  I think he was having a snack and maybe I was, too.  But, he insisted we pray by holding out his hands and grabbing our fingers.  Simply adorable.






Also a shout out to Patagonia for making baby clothes with ridiculous sizing.  The green striped long underwear he’s sporting (snow on May 1!) is sized 6 Months.  Tyler will be 21 months on Saturday!