Visiting CLE–Just me and Mr. T

In January I had a long weekend, so Tyler and I flew to Cleveland to see Nana & Grandpa. When asked if he would like to go, Eric replied, “Cleveland in January?  No thanks, I’m good.”  So off we went, Baboo and I.

CLE from the air
CLE from the air…stadium and downtown. Love this view and this city.

Tyler LOVED seeing Nana & Grandpa.  He played constantly with them and relished the attention.  He played pool and watched golf on TV with Grandpa and colored and investigated battery-operated candles with Nana.  He read books with all of us.  And he went to bed like a champ after all that activity.

Coloring in the highchair that was my cousin Mark''s over 40 years old!
Coloring in the highchair that was my cousin Mark’s…it’s over 40 years old!


We got to meet Annie & Andy’s baby boy, Oscar.  They’re almost exactly a year apart, but Tyler only weighs 3 more pounds than Oscar!  Seriously–what a cutie he is!

Future ski buddies.
Future ski buddies.

We checked out a burger bar in Tremont.  Tyler patiently colored at the bar while we waited for a table and had fun feeding Grandpa his burger.

coloring at the bar

feeding Grandpa

On Sunday, we took Tyler to the Greater Cleveland Aquarium.  I knew he would like it because he’s into animals and a pretty mellow kid.  And he’d been saying/signing “fish” for months.  But WOW I had no idea he’d enjoy it as much as he did.  At 17 months old he was entertained for TWO HOURS and we probably could have stayed even longer.

aquarium seeing fish
Already excited at the first tank. “Fish!”



He wasn't shy at all about putting his hands in the water to touch the rays as they swam by.
He wasn’t shy at all about putting his hands in the water to touch the rays as they swam by.
It took us forever to get this shot...priceless!
It took us forever to get this shot…priceless!

On the way back to Westlake we stopped in Lakewood to visit our “old house”–the house I was born in.  My parents planted that big tree out front on the treelawn thirtysomething years ago.  And yes it’s snowing in Cleveland in January…no surprise there.

Emerson Drive
Emerson Drive

One last thing I wanted to do was take Tyler to Malley’s for ice cream.  We grew up going there for good report cards and birthdays, in all its pink and green splendor.  Nana had fun sharing her ice cream cone with Tyler!

malleys open mouth

malleys cuteface with nana

eating ice cream at malleys

All in all, a quick trip but an amazing trip.  Tyler sure is loved.

number 1 at the airport

One more thing–Nana & Grandpa when do I get to see you again?!


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