Thanksgiving in Chicagoland

Eric and I are fortunate to have very flexible schedules with our jobs.  My school district gives us the whole week at Thanksgiving and Eric can take days off/work from home as needed.  So, we flew to Chicago on the redeye Monday night.

Redeye bedhead

We enjoyed time with my brother and Heidi and our nephews, Everett and Judd.  The adults imbibed, the children frolicked, and Nana & Grandpa were exhausted.

On Tuesday, we visited a local indoor play area.  The boys LOVED it and it was so fun to see Tyler seem all grown up running around with older kids and showing no fear on slides and ladders.

Judd and Tyler gettin’ crazy in the toddler area.
Judd practicing face-smashing.
Uncle Dave with Tyler.
Family dinner out in Barrington.

Nighttime is a hoot with 3 wound-up boys.

Rub a dub dub how many more years can we fit in this tub?!
Nana reads bedtime stories.
Grandpa wrestles and makes babies laugh (and stay up late).
These bottles ain’t for no baby.

Wednesday we celebrated an unorthodox Thanksgiving!  Our flight was leaving Thursday afternoon (literally no cheaper time to fly–$59).  So, we cooked our dinner on Wednesday!  Heidi and I spent most of our time drinking wine in the kitchen slaving over side dishes while Nana & Grandpa and the daddies played with the boys.

Old school art project: Indian headbands!
Two little Indian boys.
Before-dinner family walk on the shores of frigid Lake Zurich.
After-dinner family nap.

We had so much fun chasing after Everett, Judd, and Tyler.  Fortunately we didn’t get too tired, because we had a Turkey Trot to do on Thanksgiving morning!

Thanks, Long Grove, for the fun race and for letting us finish seconds before the rain started.

So glad we were able to all be together for the holiday.  Tyler is a mere 5 1/2 weeks older than Judd and we all look forward to them growing up together!


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