Our Little Pumpkin

So it’s been awhile.  I’m welcoming myself back to Hollewood.  I have lots of excuses.  I could say I don’t have time but that’s not true–I don’t HAVE to go to bed at 8:30.  My old buddy, the 2007 MacBook, bit the dust.  But we got a new one.  Mostly, we never got our photo organization under control.  Photos on phones, the nice camera, and the GoPro. Photos on hard drives, the Cloud, Dropbox, Amazon Photo, and Shutterfly.  So. Many. Photos.  But I’m starting my New Year’s Resolution early and getting this situation buckled down.  Get ready for more blog posts.  Might as well start with this one…

Nana & Grandpa came in from Cleveland in late October.  They were amazing and watched Tyler for THREE whole days while we worked.  My parents make a great tag team in caring for and entertaining Tyler.  Grandpa likes to rock him to sleep singing Beatles songs, and Nana likes to see how much she can get him to eat.  He wasn’t walking yet during their visit, but he exhausted them nonetheless.  In fact, I think they’re still sleeping back in Ohio.

On a super sunny Sunday, we headed to a pumpkin patch after church.  I wanted some cute photos of Tyler in a festive outfit I found in a hand-me-down box.  Enjoy.

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