Tyler: Twelve Months

Twelve photo shoots in a silly basket.

Twelve cute little outfits.

Twelve months of smiles, stares, and spitup.

He made it.  Happy 1st Birthday, Tyler.

Usually he gets a bit dressed up, but this time he’s wearing a simple onesie.  A size three month onesie.  From a package I lovingly washed and folded and put away in his dresser–before he was born.  They’re still there, and I don’t know when I’ll be able to take them out.

11794002_10205584843595326_1053069186_o (1)

11806397_10205584845195366_1686706786_o (1)

11801154_10205584849755480_1093477629_o (1)

11783941_10205584866315894_349008229_o (1)

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