I Got Worms

So get this.  Tyler and I were playing in the backyard at the water table when I noticed a worm in the grass.  I picked it up to show him, and of course he grabbed it and {almost} shoved it into his mouth.  I interceded, knocking the worm out of his hand…through the air…and onto the side of his head, where the poor thing stuck.  See below.

Funny kid!  Maybe he has a future in worm farms.

This Kid…

We rode bikes into town last night to celebrate Tyler’s birthday.  On the way home, he fell asleep, arms up and all.  Because he didn’t look ridiculous enough with the helmet and the five-point harness.


And this morning, I caught him playing with one of his books:

Tyler: Twelve Months

Twelve photo shoots in a silly basket.

Twelve cute little outfits.

Twelve months of smiles, stares, and spitup.

He made it.  Happy 1st Birthday, Tyler.

Usually he gets a bit dressed up, but this time he’s wearing a simple onesie.  A size three month onesie.  From a package I lovingly washed and folded and put away in his dresser–before he was born.  They’re still there, and I don’t know when I’ll be able to take them out.

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