Adventure Babies: St Mary’s Glacier

Tyler loves adventuring.  Today, we went with my fellow teacher friend, Michelle, and her baby, Victoria, up to St. Mary’s Glacier.  STUNNING.

The snowfield is the glacier in case you were wondering.
The snowfield is the glacier in case you were wondering.

Only an hour and a half from our house, we’ve driven by the exit hundreds of time but never stopped.  The scenery was even more gorgeous given that it was a pristine blue-sky day.


The babies were rockstars in their packs.  Tyler likes to play with my ponytail which is rather endearing.


We saw wildflowers galore.


Obligatory columbine shot.


We moseyed around the lake to the glacier.



We watched a bunch of wild teenagers jump into the freezing lake off the cliffs in the distance.


And we couldn’t stop talking about what a glorious day it was.

THIS is why I'm a teacher.
THIS is why I’m a teacher.




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