Adventure Babies: St Mary’s Glacier

Tyler loves adventuring.  Today, we went with my fellow teacher friend, Michelle, and her baby, Victoria, up to St. Mary’s Glacier.  STUNNING.

The snowfield is the glacier in case you were wondering.
The snowfield is the glacier in case you were wondering.

Only an hour and a half from our house, we’ve driven by the exit hundreds of time but never stopped.  The scenery was even more gorgeous given that it was a pristine blue-sky day.


The babies were rockstars in their packs.  Tyler likes to play with my ponytail which is rather endearing.


We saw wildflowers galore.


Obligatory columbine shot.


We moseyed around the lake to the glacier.



We watched a bunch of wild teenagers jump into the freezing lake off the cliffs in the distance.


And we couldn’t stop talking about what a glorious day it was.

THIS is why I'm a teacher.
THIS is why I’m a teacher.




Dog Days of Summer

The days are still long, but they are numbered.  Tyler returns to daycare on August 3rd, and I return to work–at my new job!  A friend encouraged me to apply at Niwot High School, and as it turns out, I got the job.  I will still be teaching special ed to high school students with cognitive needs, but at a school much closer to my house.  As it’s still summer, I haven’t thought too much about the transition other than needing to get my phone to understand “Niwot.”  Right now when I voice text I’m given “night what,” “not hat,” “high hot,” and other nonsensical interpretations.  Pull it together, Siri.  N-i-w-o-t.

We have had an amazing summer which I will blog about more (I hope).

Here are a few things we’ve been up to:

Eating new foods and trying to break 18 lbs.
Eating new foods and trying to break 18 lbs.
Such as [free] Chick-fil-A.
Such as [free] Chick-fil-A…
...and Sweet Cow ice cream.
…and Sweet Cow ice cream.
Swinging at the many parks on our walks & runs.
Swinging at the many parks in Erie on our walks & runs.
Crawling on furniture...
Crawling through the island…
...and getting stuck in the hall tree.
…and getting stuck in the hall tree.
Exploring new trails with Mommy.
Exploring new trails with Mommy.
And sharing popsicles on the porch.
And sharing popsicles on the porch.
Splashing in the backyard.
Splashing in the backyard.
Learning how to drive.
Learning how to drive.
And catching [very few] zzzzs.
And catching [very few] zzzzs.

Tyler: Eleven Months

Oh my goodness.  This kid takes fun to a new level.

Tyler took off crawling in June and hasn’t looked back.  He pulls himself up on furniture (or our legs) and loves to stand.  I think we’re a ways off from walking, but you never know.  He sleeps [stays in his crib because we don’t go in there] all night long and sometimes naps.  He is a big fan of food pouches and nibbles any table food he can get, but he’s still not eating much and he’s still a tiny dude.

The summer outfit he’s wearing is a hand-me-down and my current favorite of his wardrobe.  His “blue” eyes are remarkably olive green when he wears it.  Even though he has those Holle eyes we think he really looks like me these days.  Yes, he still fits in the basket…and at the rate he’s (not) growing we will probably take his senior pictures in it.