Tyler: Nine Months

Tyler is more fun now than ever!  He conquered his first real sickness recently, although we still have to go back to check on his double ear infection.  At his well-baby (not so well this time) checkup he measured 29 1/2 inches long (90th %ile) and 16 lbs 9 oz (5th %ile!) As such, we’ve been instructed to feed this kiddo whatever he wants, all day long.  He also was prescribed an Epi-Pen…let’s hope we don’t have to walk that road.  We know he’s allergic to coconut but that’s the only thing we are sure of for now.  Recent mystery hives could be the antibiotics…or raspberries…or Sweet Cow…or waffle fries.  Poor kid.

Yes, he still fits in the basket.


Thanks, Nana, for the dapper shirt.


Things Tyler likes to do:  point at everything with his middle finger, stick his fingers in holes (screw holes on toys, the spout of his food pouches, your mouth/nose/ear), sit unattended, clap toys together, stack rings, and laugh.

Things Tyler does not like to do:  nap, sleep through the night, and crawl.

More photos of those adventures to follow!

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