Tyler: Eight Months

Tyler can:

  • sit up on his own
  • clap
  • wave
  • cry when mommy leaves the room
  • laugh hysterically
  • go for a two-hour hike in the backpack

Tyler can not yet:

  • nap
  • sleep through the night
  • sleep for more than 4 hours at a time, fingers crossed and hold your breath

As far as eating, Tyler fought us on the homemade baby food scene.  He would tolerate it in his mouth but didn’t seem to be swallowing much of anything.  So we decided to skip baby food and give him tiny bits of food.  Still not much swallowing (the proof is in the pudding diaper).  So last week we went against our Boulder County brainwashing and bought some baby food.  Jars and pouches.  Organic and non-organic.  Premium and store brand.  And he LOVES THEM ALL.  He loves them most when Nana or Miss Val at daycare feeds him. And he still loves to nurse.  He officially weighed 16.8 lbs last Tuesday, but I think he’s gained another two pounds in the last week.  And to everyone who said he’d sleep through the night when he began eating more…you were either saying that to placate me or you’re just a liar.

These are some of the cutest “basket photos” we’ve taken so far.  So there’s quite a few, just to warn you.  Eight months–we can hardly believe it!  Hoppy Easter!







Nana has a look-alike!
Nana has a look-alike!




He does still fit inside the basket.
He does still fit inside the basket.



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