Tyler: Seven Months

This kid just keeps getting better.  He is just so HAPPY, almost all of the time!  Thanks, Nana, for the sweater unitard.  It’s currently his most hansomest button-up outfit.

Incidentally, photos in front of a gas fireplace with no hearth aren’t as endearing as our wood-burning fireplace-and-brick hearth photos of my childhood.

Tyler eats rice cereal and sweet potatoes with gusto but is undecided on carrots and green beans.  He is starting to sit up.  No crawling yet.  Our baby yogi has an excellent baby cobra as well as boat pose.  Killer abs on this kid, but he remains stationary.  He still prefers not to nap, and he still doesn’t sleep through the night.

Daddy taught him to clap, clap, clap.  We’ll try to catch it on video!tyler 7 mos 2tyler 7 mos 1

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