Tyler: Five Months

This kid just gets more personality every day.

tyler 5 mos smiling

He laughs and smiles.  He rolls over from front to back, and then spazzes out because he can’t roll back.  He’s viewing the world not only from his tummy but also upright in his Exersaucer and his Johnny Jumper (which apparently they’re not called that anymore but it seems that any moms of, well, a certain age, know exactly what I mean when I use that term!)  He LOVES Lilly.  He hasn’t started solid food yet, nor is he sleeping through the night.  He still spits up and he still doesn’t nap.  But the kid is just gosh-darn happy all.day.long.

He also has some new funny faces, including this one.  The lower-lip chew.

tyler 5 mos funny face

At five months Tyler is modeling his hat, a Christmas gift from Daddy, and his Patagonia fleece vest from the Taylors.  Every day Eric and I comment that he looks less and less like a little baby and more and more like a little boy.

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