Parenting Fails (Vol. 2)

There’s probably about 82 things I could write in this post but here are two.  Also, as I write this, Tyler is screaming in his room, not napping, on the floor.  Because all hell breaks loose if he is put in his crib.  The crib that he formerly slept in regularly, calmly, even adoringly.  So, we make sure the door is closed so at least Lilly can’t get too friendly with him while he’s “napping.”

Here, in Exhibit A, we see Tyler with his usual drool-soaked outfit.  Miss Val, the daycare lady, calls him “extra juicy.”  Why no bib?  20% I forget and 80% they aren’t as cute as his cute clothes.  Fail.


Here, in Exhibit B, we see Tyler unsafely fist-pumping while asleep in the Rock N Play. (He will sleep here, because it’s not the crib.)  I would like to note that I do strap him in. It’s just that, while screaming, he can kick and squirm his way out.  But then he’s actually asleep, so I watch him carefully for the duration of his sub-twenty minute naps.  Fail.



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  1. Lies…all lies….there is NO parenting fail here! Just ask Sarah Soyka or Paula Spratt…..Benjamin was wet from drool for two years straight….and Connor slept on a large beanbag in his room for months…

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