We Said We Wouldn’t, But We Did: Maternity Photo Shoot

I resisted the melodramatic urge to take professional maternity photos for many, many months.  Why would I want these, later in my life?  But as the weeks crept by and summer heated up, our hair got blonder and our skin got tanner.  If there was ever a decent time to nab some cute bump photos, the time was now.  Strangely/luckily, we know several professional photographers, many of whom dabble in the baby business. But Tara Harmon Low has been a friend of mine since I was twelve (she’s my pal Shannon’s older sister) and she lives conveniently down the road.  Tara has a new baby herself so she’s definitely in the baby zone.  At the last minute, Tara agreed to a quick session with us in Louisville.  I wanted two things (besides Chandler, and for that matter, Eric) in the photos:  Sweet Cow ice cream and Lilly.

Here are (just) 24 of our favorites, appearing in a slideshow format.

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