Potato Soup, Better the Next Day

I usually grocery shop on the weekends as I can just find the most time on Sundays. However, going to the store during the week is extremely gratifying.  No crowds!  All those Manager’s Specials!  But this past weekend, we went to Steamboat Springs to ski, hot tub, and play euchre with the Floods and the Taylors.  After the five-hour trip up (weather, traffic) and four-hour trip down (weather, traffic) I just didn’t feel like hitting up King Soopers.  So, Eric is in for some real treats this week, food-wise!

I knew I had two lonely potatoes in the pantry (which I never buy, but did when Eric went through a Paleo phase in January).  I though I would make some potato soup.  Years ago a friend gave me a basic recipe involving potatoes, carrots, and corn in a broth of chicken stock and fat free cream cheese.  I had those ingredients, so I proceeded.  But why stop there?  I also tossed in the celery tops I save specifically for soup-making purposes.  And a few broccoli trees I brought home last week from the school cafeteria (I can’t stand it when kids waste food!)  There might have been a couple of cauliflower pieces as well.  It simmered nicely with salt and pepper.  I served it with the remaining 1/2 oz of cheddar cheese in the fridge as well as some fresh-ish dill from a potato salad I’d made a couple of weeks ago.  Overall, the soup was a little better than OK.  (Sometimes the “surprise” in Refrigerator Surprise is that it’s not actually all that fantastic.)

potato soup and bacon tomato grilled cheese

There were two servings left over, so Eric and I both had potato soup for lunch today.  And it was so much better!  I know many soups and stews do taste better the following day, and this one served as a reminder that it’s true.  A coworker of Eric’s even asked for the recipe.  (Ha!)  Anyhow, at least I don’t have to look at those two sad potatoes anymore.

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