Holleday Decorating

Welp, it’s that time of year again, time to find our Charlie Brown Christmas tree, and hang the lights up outside.  So, after venturing to some sketchy thrift shops in Longmont for gag gifts, we found a Christmas Tree lot.  Amy starting walking towards the nice trees when I spotted the cheap ones laying on the ground with price tags on them.  And she found it – the best Holle Christmas tree for 2013!


The turkey from Thanksgiving weighed more than this amazing tree, but nonetheless, this is our tradition.  This tradition started as one of Amy and my first dates, where I went out with Amy and all her girlfriends to help find them a tree.  I stuck around to decorate and drink egg nog, and we have done the same thing every year since.  But now we just go to the lot on the corner.  Anywho, I managed to put up all the lights outside of the house and it looks nice.  Not Clark Griswold nice, but a couple hours of my time nice.

image (1)

All of this made possible by the fine folks in China, and Walmart, who create lights with a lifespan of less than one season.  The little ones aren’t blinking, Clark.

image (2)


Happy Thanksgiving!

Eric and I flew to Chicago on Thanksgiving Day to stay with my brother and see my parents who were in from Cleveland.  We had a wonderful visit at David and Heidi’s beautiful home in Lake Zurich and spent the majority of the weekend chasing after our adorably handsome nephew.  There were no turkey mishaps, although after a few rounds of dominoes and and Great Lakes Christmas Ale, my dad did suggest something along the lines of “turkey twerking.”  Thank goodness we didn’t follow through with that.

Dad, can you stop looking at your grandson for one second?!
Dad, can you ever stop looking at your grandson?!

And what better place to spend Black Friday than Brunswick Zone?  In a typically Mihalik-esque move, my brother was the proud owner of an expired bowling Groupon.  So, we decided to head over and see what kind of deal we could strike (pun intended) with the bowling alley employees.  The 6 of us ended up with a lane for 2 hours and had a blast. Heidi fittingly bowled three strikes in a row…a Turkey.